Bio-based antimicrobial additives, coatings, & disinfectants

rep-L® has developed an antimicrobial platform with a focus on creating an extremely versatile, safe and inexpensive additive that can impart superior antimicrobial properties to the product it is added to.

Why rep-L®? Because it works better than the competition!

Of the many antimicrobials on the market today, over 95% of them are metallic based – i.e. Silver, Zinc, Copper, etc. There is a growing concern regarding metallic antimicrobials because:

  • Nano-scale metallics are being found in larger quantities than ever before inside our bodies and in aquatic environments causing harm.
  • The price of metallic antimicrobials is extremely high compared to rep-L®
  • Silver is only effective when wet or in the presence of moisture.
  • Our additives are proven effective, safe, and affordable, and can greatly increase the value of a wide range of products.

Other competing chemical antimicrobials – in particular Quats – are known lung and skin irritants, and may be less safe than we’ve been led to believe.

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Improve the Value of Any Product

rep-L® Antimicrobials is dedicated to the development and commercialization of its proprietary bio-based antimicrobial platform. Our products impart the benefit of antimicrobial resistance to any material they are added to – eliminate contamination, reduce odors, extend product life, reduce spoilage, and increase perceived value of products, among others.

With both oil- and water-based platforms, rep-L® additives are compatible with most materials – from nature-based papers and fabrics, to specialized composites, resins, and coatings.


Through its development of our antimicrobial formula, rep-L® Antimicrobials Inc. has developed a range of anti-bacterial / anti-fungal and odor-eliminating additives.

Our bio-based compound has proven success in extensive 3rd-party testing killing harmful bacterial and microbial infectious vectors. Our additives have proven extremely successful in killing CRE, MRSA and VRE, Staphylococcus aureus, e.coli, Pseudomonas aureginosa, Candida albians, Aspergillus niger, and numerous other bacteria and fungi.

rep-L® oil- and water-based platforms can be tailored to almost any material type and a wide range of supply-chain inputs. rep-L® can be provided in liquid, powder, paste or flake form depending on the application.


We work closely with our customers to determine the best version of our platform to match their product material characteristics and the microbe-repellent characteristics required for the end-use.

rep-L® can be added into proprietary formulations by manufacturers to enhance their product value. Antimicrobial properties provide a safer product for their clients and end-users and can be priced accordingly.

Many companies have products or ideas for new products that would benefit from antimicrobial properties. In many cases, though, incorporating new product chemistry is a big challenge. We are interested in establishing relationships with manufacturers worldwide to assist in the development for these specialized unique applications.

Our additive can be added to both organic solvents or water based products. Depending on the application the antimicrobial can be added at a variety of input opportunities throughout the process. For example, paint and coatings manufacturers typically add rep-L® at the same time as their final additives. Paper manufacturers may decide to add rep-L® at the size press for uncoated paper or into the final varnish for coated paper. Each product is unique and that’s why we work closely with each manufacturer to ensure optimal material and antimicrobial properties.

Antimicrobial Additives

rep-L® offers our customers tailored broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal additives for a wide range of materials and industry uses. From medical applications to high-contamination surfaces to industrial biocides, we work with manufacturers to ensure an optimal, cost-effective value-add for your products.

Anti-odor Additives

rep-L® Anti-odor additives are available for a range of use-cases. We have solutions for capturing the odor-causing molecules, as well as additives for eliminating the bacteria that cause odor in the first place. We can help you decide which product or combination is best for your needs and will add the most value to your product lines.

The Importance of Targeted Antimicrobial Protection

We don’t need every product we come into contact with to be treated with antimicrobials. But for sensitive areas like medical environments, healthcare PPE and products, food packaging, and air filtration and high-contact surfaces in public spaces, the growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections and other hard-to-kill germs like Candida auris (a deadly persistent fungal infection) requires urgent solutions, beyond our traditional use of bleach or alcohol sanitizers.

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