WHO’s first global report on antibiotic resistance

via WHO.orgfrom WHO's official News Release Story: has recently featured a number of posts referencing various news and media outlets and their respective takes and interpretations on the WHO's first global report on antibiotic resistance, which was released on April 30th. While the objectives of referencing and linking back [...]

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“Post-Antibiotic Era” is nearly here

via theWire.comby Lucy Westcott, Story:, Gonorrhea, and urinary tract infections are among infectious diseases reported now to be headed towards full resistance to traditional antibiotics. The WHO's recent report indicating as much, in addition to the revelation that drug-resistant superbugs have now spread to all corners of the [...]

FDA approves new drug to combat MRSA

via CNN.comby Jen Christensen, CNN Story: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new (first) Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP). In a first-of-its-kind move, the FDA has taken the battle against superbugs to a new level, and has granted QIDP distinction to intravenous drug Dalvance. [...]

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Tuberculosis among diseases becoming less treatable

via By Jennifer Yang Global health reporter, theStar.comStory: of a post-antibacterial world could become reality, as the WHO has released the results of its first global survey on the issue -the WHO had previously released a strategy for controlling antimicrobial resistance in 2001. With [...]

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Antibiotic-overpowering superbugs are spreading – WHO

via By Kate KellandStory:  The World Health Organization HAS announced that the occurrence of superbugs is no longer a prediction, but is currently proliferating around the globe. The WHO also went so far as to indicate that all people across the globe, regardless of age or country, are considered [...]

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WHO report indicates drug-resistant superbugs’ ‘devastating’ implications are a reality

via RT.comStory:"The implications will be devastating", warns Keiji Fukuda, the WHO's assistant director-general for health security. The now very real threat of potentially disastrous implications of drug-resistant superbugs, as outlined in a new report recently released by the WHO, is what Fukuda is referring to. [...]

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Fight against ‘superbugs’ now includes US Congress

via By Mark Koba Senior Editor, CNBCStory: the US estimates over 23 000 fatalities linked annually drug-resistant superbugs, it's government has now become involved in the battle against such devastating bugs. With unique proposals focused on battling the often deadly drug-resistant bacteria, both the Senate and the House [...]

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Pfizer takes its shot at a vaccine for evasive superbug

May 23, 2013 | ReutersRead the story on Reuters here: Kathrin Jansen is a microbiologist with at least two breakthrough vaccines to her name: she brought the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil to market for Merck and helped develop the $4 billion a year pneumonia and meningitis vaccine Prevnar 13 for [...]

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