How to add value to your building materials by ensuring they are resistant to mold and bacterial, making them safer and longer-lasting:

Contamination of building materials by bacteria, mold, and fungi presents a serious danger to human health – not to mention a threat to the longevity of homes and infrastructure.

In mild cases, microorganisms growing on building materials can produce unwanted odors and stains that make a building virtually uninhabitable. In the worst cases, toxin-producing mold and fungi can make indoor air unhealthy to breath, threatening the lives and livelihoods of the people inside. At the same time, bacteria can eat away at the structural integrity of a building.

Unfortunately, building materials are highly susceptible to microbial growth. Many buildings are constructed in wet environments, and interior materials often receive very little airflow and maintain the perfect moisture balance for bacteria and mold. To make matters worse, many natural building materials contain nutrients like starches, cellulose, and other organic molecules that mold thrives on.

rep-L® can protect building materials.

So how can your company put an end to dangerous microbial contamination of your construction products? Simply by adding rep-L®.

rep-L® is a bio-based antimicrobial additive that can be applied to building materials during the production process. It stops microbes from growing before they can even get a foothold in building materials – effectively providing a shield against unwanted microbial colonizers.

The broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of rep-L® has proven effective in eliminating the strains of bacteria and mold that most commonly contaminate building materials. It can even inoculate your materials against superbugs that are resistant to standard antibiotics.

By incorporating rep-L® into your building materials, you can drastically reduce the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi that threaten a building’s durability and the health of the people occupying it.

rep-L® adapts to any building materials.

Building materials are a tricky class for many antimicrobials, but not for rep-L®.

rep-L® is available in both oil-based and water-based solutions, so that it can be applied effectively no matter what building material you are producing. Our antimicrobial treatment has been applied to wood materials, metal ducts, many types of plastic, spun fibers, non-woven fabrics, and more.

To date, rep-L® antimicrobials have been added to most standard building materials, including:

  • Wood floors
  • Nylon and polyester carpets
  • Drywall walls and ceilings
  • Paper and synthetic wall coverings
  • Fabric curtains
  • Metallic HVAC ducts
  • Synthetic filters
  • Hardware
  • Wood furniture and upholstery
  • Wood and metal cabinetry

For each of these materials, the broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of rep-L® are highly effective at eliminating unwanted bacterial and mold growth. Whether you’re making materials from scratch or renovating an existing structure, adding rep-L® into your manufacturing process is simple and safe.

rep-L® is an affordable antimicrobial solution.

Treating your building materials to prevent the growth of unwanted microbes doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

rep-L® oil or water-based solutions cost a fraction of what traditional antimicrobials cost, making them an affordable solution for any type of construction material. The secret is that unlike most other antimicrobials, rep-L® doesn’t require the use of expensive metals such as zinc, copper, and silver to stop microbial growth.

By using rep-L® or switching from your current antimicrobial, you can save your company money and pass the added safety and cost-savings onto contractors and consumers.

Try rep-L® today to start making safer, longer-lasting building materials.

rep-L® is the culmination of years of research and development – it represents the ultimate solution for protecting your company’s construction materials against harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi.

Adding rep-L® to your building materials can increase the longevity of the structures they are used in, improve air quality, and make for overall safer and longer-lasting living, working, and social environments. We invite you to get started using rep-L® with your building materials to see the benefits that inexpensive and highly effective antimicrobial treatment can provide.

To learn more about rep-L® and its possibilities for your business, contact us today!