Everyday pathogens including bacteria breed on commercial products and materials. Everyday products including TV remotes, baby changing tables, pillows, etc. are overrun with microbes.

rep-L® is a novel bio-based broad spectrum antimicrobial designed for the elimination of microbial activity on all types of material surfaces.

rep-L® will eliminate bacteria on commercial products made from plastics, paper, paint, textiles, wood; creating safer products for the people that use them. As populations come together in denser environments, and sharing of spaces, transportation and commercial goods becomes more commonplace, it is important for manufacturers to offer built in antimicrobial protection to their products.

rep-L® can be easily added to products during their production, adding value to existing products in the form of greater safety to users of the products and greater return for the manufacturers that have created them.

rep-L® is a bio-based, broad spectrum, innovative, inexpensive solution to microbial problems encountered throughout the commercial products industry. We invite you to experience the benefits rep-L® can provide to your commercial products. We are here to enhance your products and the lives of those that use them.