Make sure your classroom, and the products in it, are safe for students and not helping spread infectious diseases:

In an environment where rigorous cleaning is impractical and desks and books are shared throughout the day, how can you make education products that fight against the spread of unwanted microbes?

School and university classrooms are infamous breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. But with rep-L®, you can fight back against the growth of microorganisms and help keep the classroom environment safe and healthy. rep-L® is a bio-based antimicrobial that can be added to most of the products commonly used in the classroom environment. Our antimicrobial treatment has proven effective at eliminating most strains of bacteria, mold, and fungi, including those that commonly cause diseases and contribute to wear and tear on educational resources.

rep-L® can halt the spread of microorganisms in the classroom.

Many of the resources within classrooms and university buildings, from desks to papers to books, are used by multiple students, teachers, and professors throughout the day. That makes it easy for bacteria to spread from person to person and hard to maintain strict cleaning routines that could put a halt to unwanted microorganisms.

The result of this is that it’s all too common that one child in a classroom gets sick, only to pass the disease onto all of his or her classmates and their entire families within a matter of days. The result is lost time in school spent learning for students and lost productivity for parents and teachers.

The spread of bacteria throughout the educational environment can have other negative effects as well. Bacteria and mold can cause odors and stains on everything from desks to textbooks, and these resources can be costly to replace with respect to limited classroom budgets. Janitorial staff spend a significant portion of their time fighting against mold and mildew, and like teachers and students can easily lose working time after falling sick from the uncontrolled spread of germs.

By adding rep-L® to your educational products, you can put an end to the growth and spread of microorganisms. rep-L® is effective at eliminating most types of bacteria, mold, and fungi and is safe to use throughout the school and university environment. Importantly, rep-L® is also proven to work even on the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes MRSA, a dangerous infection that is commonly spread through schools.

rep-L® adapts to any material.

No matter what educational products your company makes, there is a rep-L® additive that will work for it.

rep-L® is available in either water-based or oil-based solutions, offering flexibility in adding our antimicrobial into your products. We have used rep-L® and proven its effectiveness in products made from:

  • Wood and composites
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Plastics
  • Paint
  • Nanofibers
  • Adhesives

Our team will work with your product developers to ensure that incorporating rep-L into your existing manufacturing process is seamless. That way, you can get the antimicrobial benefits of rep-L® without restarting your product design from scratch.

rep-L® is affordable for schools and universities.

We know that your company works hard to meet the tight budget constraints that most school boards and educational departments are working within. That’s why we’ve put special emphasis into ensuring that rep-L® is one of the most affordable antimicrobial treatments on the market.

rep-L® costs a fraction of what traditional antimicrobials cost because it’s bio-based rather than metal-based. That means that we don’t use expensive materials like zinc, copper, or silver.

With rep-L®, classrooms can enjoy the health and product durability benefits of halting microbial growth – without putting your products out of the financial reach of most educational institutions.

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Educational products that halt the spread of disease through classrooms, school halls, and universities are something that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can all get behind. With rep-L, you can offer those products at an affordable price.

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