How to be sure your facility isn’t passing on dangerous bacterial pathogens:

Public facilities like offices, arenas, hotels, and convention centers are designed to efficiently handle the flow of hundreds or even thousands of people. But what about the millions of bacteria those people bring with them and which can spread through surfaces and HVAC units?

Thankfully, managers of facilities small and large have a way to fight back against unwanted microorganisms – rep-L®. rep-L® is a bio-based antimicrobial additive that can be embedded in building materials, furnishings, HVAC systems, cleaning products, and more, ensuring that public spaces remain free of contamination. With rep-L®, facility managers can make microbial proliferation in multi-purpose spaces a problem of the past and increase the value of their properties.

rep-L® prevents the spread of microbes.

Large-scale facilities face a common problem. By allowing large numbers of people to come together, they also serve as a gathering place for germs. Worse, facilities can enable the spread of disease-causing microorganisms, which prevents a health threat to everyone who works or spends time there.

In addition, the complex building designs and HVAC systems that are critical to many large facilities leave plenty of spaces where mold and mildew can grow. These microbes, in turn, can deteriorate air quality inside facilities and slowly eat away at essential building components like ducts, electronic systems, and furnishings.

With rep-L®, facility managers can put an end to the threat of microbial contamination of their buildings. Our anti-microbial additive stops the growth and spread of common bacteria, mold, and fungi on treated surfaces. Importantly for the health of visitors to your facility, rep-L® is effective at killing disease-causing bacteria that have proven resistant to antibiotics, such as MRSA, VRE, and CRE.

By using rep-L®, you can improve the quality of your facility for the people that live, work, and spend time there. In the process, rep-L® can prevent damage to critical facility infrastructure. The net effect is that rep-L increases the value of your facility and ensures it remains a place where people want to gather.

rep-L® adapts to your facility.

Facilities are made up of a lot of different components, from building materials like wood and metal ducts to interior decoration like curtains, furniture, and flooring. No matter what’s inside your building, it can be treated with rep-L® to eliminate microbial growth.

That’s because rep-L® is a highly versatile additive. It’s available as either a water- or oil-based formula and is compatible with almost every type of material. To date, rep-L® has been added to:

  • Flooring and carpeting
  • Wall coverings
  • Wood and plastic furniture
  • Curtains and textiles
  • HVAC ducts and filters
  • Wood and metal hardware
  • Electronic equipment

This adaptability means that rep-L® can be added to almost every surface in your facility to provide the ultimate level of protection against microorganisms. Whether you manage an office building, convention center, shopping mall, hotel, arena, or another type of facility, rep-L® can work for you.

rep-L® is an affordable antimicrobial solution.

Just because your facility runs on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to give up on high-quality air and a healthy, germ-free space. rep-L® is a highly affordable anti-microbial solution that costs a fraction of what traditional antimicrobials charge.

The secret is that rep-L® doesn’t rely on metallic additives like zinc, silver, and copper, which drive up the cost of traditional antimicrobials. With rep-L®, you can create a safer indoor environment at a price your facility can afford.

Test rep-L® in your facility by getting in touch.

rep-L® is a highly affordable antimicrobial additive that can be added to virtually any of the surfaces and materials found in facilities large or small. With rep-L®, you can stop the spread of dangerous microorganisms, improve air quality, and ensure a healthy environment for everyone who visits your building.

To get started using rep-L® in your facility, contact us today!