Keeping food preparation areas contaminant free:

Microorganisms pose a constant threat to the food service industry. Spoilage is responsible for more than 20% of all food waste, while there are almost 50 million cases of foodborne illness in the US alone each year.

Preventing foodborne illness starts with food preparation, and specifically the many products that are used for turning raw ingredients into food. With rep-L®, manufacturers that work with food preparers, caterers, restaurants, and kitchens can fight back against spoilage and foodborne diseases.

rep-L® is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that can be easily added to everything from food processing equipment and food packaging to dishes, utensils, and more. Our antimicrobial additive can not only help protect consumers, but also increase the value of your food preparation products. After all, what chef wouldn’t want to cut down on the incidence of foodborne illness in their kitchen?

rep-L® fights the bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses.

Food is a natural breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. While production managers, restaurateurs, and caterers are constantly on the lookout for spoilage and bacterial growth, the high rates of foodborne illness clearly indicate that they can’t catch everything.

That’s why fighting foodborne illnesses has to start at the level of manufacturers and the products used for preparing food. rep-L® allows you to build defenses against bacteria into the equipment and supplies that the vast majority of kitchens use during food preparation. As a result, you can help stop disease before it starts and dramatically improve the safety and value of your products.

rep-L® offers a proven solution for halting bacteria in its tracks and protecting consumers from foodborne illness. rep-L®’s broad spectrum antimicrobial properties are effective at preventing the growth of common foodborne microorganisms like E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria. Importantly, rep-L® is safe to use on any material that comes into contact with food and is adaptable enough to be added into any food preparation products your company is already making.

By adding rep-L® to your food preparation products, you can dramatically reduce the risk of spreading foodborne illness. Better yet, rep-L® can help you increase your brand’s reputation for food safety among chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, and everyone else who uses your products for preparing food.

rep-L® works for food preparation products.

rep-L® is unique among antimicrobial additives in that it’s completely safe to use around food and can adapt to nearly any material. rep-L® is available as either a water-based or oil-based solution and is compatible with plastics, textiles, paper, and more.

That adaptability means that you can use rep-L® in everything from food packaging to cutting boards and utensils to coolers and refrigerators. No matter what products your company makes to help process and prepare raw ingredients, rep-L® can be added to prevent contamination with disease-causing bacteria.

rep-L® is affordable for food preparation manufacturers.

Consumers shouldn’t have to pay extra for food that’s safe to eat, and your business shouldn’t be punished financially for ensuring that you deliver food preparation products that chefs and caterers can trust.

rep-L® is one of the most affordable antimicrobial solutions on the market, costing just a fraction of what other antimicrobial additives cost. That’s because rep-L®’s antimicrobial properties don’t rely on expensive metal additives like silver, copper, or zinc like traditional antimicrobials.

The result is that rep-L® offers a significant return on investment. For little upfront cost, you can use rep-L® to improve your brand’s reputation for safety and increase the value of your food preparation products.

Try rep-L® and eliminate foodborne illness today.

rep-L® is a highly adaptable and affordable antimicrobial additive that can be used in any products your company makes for food preparers. With rep-L®, you can ensure that the businesses using your products are protected from foodborne disease outbreaks and increase the trust that food preparers have in your brand.

To try rep-L® in your food preparation products, contact us today!