Keeping your hospitality environment a safe space for your guests:

Hotels, summer camps, lodges, and other hospitality facilities see hundreds of millions of visitors each year. The sheer volume of people moving through individual hotel rooms and shared spaces makes these places a breeding ground for germs. Worse, people can carry bacteria, mold, and mildew picked up on vacation back to their homes and offices.

rep-L® can dramatically cut down on the prevalence and spread of germs in hospitality spaces. Our antimicrobial additive is designed to be incorporated into any of the products that are used to build and fill the hospitality environment, from construction wood to wall coverings to furnishings to linens.

With rep-L®, you can ensure that the hospitality businesses you supply are protected against disease. Healthier workers and tourists means that demand for travel and lodging can continue to boom, and your company can build its reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers of safe hospitality products.

rep-L® halts the growth of microorganisms.

rep-L® is a bio-based broad-spectrum antimicrobial that kills bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. Unlike traditional antimicrobials, rep-L® is effective even against the most difficult antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus). That means that rep-L® is effective at protecting guests and hospitality workers from some of the most persistent diseases that plague the hospitality industry.

This bio-based antimicrobial is ideally suited for the hospitality environment because it protects against not only disease, but also the degradation of air quality. rep-L® can be incorporated into cleaning products to kill bacteria living on walls and surfaces, into HVAC ducts and filters to stop the spread of mold throughout a hotel or lodge, or into bed sheets and furnishings to stop germs from moving around a room. Some additional examples of where rep-L® has been used in the hospitality space include:

  • Floors and carpets
  • Building materials
  • Curtains and wall coverings
  • Towels and other linens
  • Tables and chairs
  • Paint
  • Electronics and appliance casings

The secret to rep-L®’s adaptability is that it is available in either water-based or oil-based solutions. It can be added as an exterior coating or infused right into product materials during manufacturing, without changing your existing process. No matter what you’re making for the hospitality space, you can use rep-L® to ensure that it’s protected against disease-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

rep-L® is affordable.

On top of that, rep-L® is much more affordable than traditional antimicrobials. rep-L® doesn’t require expensive metal additives like zinc, copper, or silver to prevent the spread of microorganisms. So, you can reap the benefits of adding antimicrobial properties to your hospitality products without taking on additional costs.

Contact us today to test rep-L with your manufacturing processes and materials.

rep-L® can help protect guests and hospitality workers alike from the spread of disease and poor air quality, as well as increase the longevity of hospitality structures. It’s easy to add rep-L® into all of the products used throughout the hospitality industry, and it doesn’t cost much to start fighting back against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

If you’re ready to give rep-L® a try, contact us today!