The importance of ensuring your sports and leisure space and materials are not contaminated:

Sports facilities and sporting equipment are designed to be used by many people in quick succession. While no one can argue the benefits of sports for fitness and society, sports facilities and equipment serve as breeding grounds for unwanted microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and fungi. Cleaning sports equipment in particular between every use can be difficult, which raises the risk of spreading disease-causing microbes among many people.

With rep-L®, you can put a stop to the spread of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi. rep-L® is a bio-based antimicrobial additive that can be incorporated directly into sports equipment during production or added to sports facilities like arenas, rinks, and pools. With rep-L®, facilities managers can improve indoor air quality and cut down on the spread of pathogens, while sports equipment producers can ensure that their products are safe for all to use.

The result is increased trust from consumers and reduced frequency of illness keeping people away from your sports facility. By adding rep-L® to your equipment or facility, you can increase the value of your products and keep people coming back for more.

rep-L® can eliminate harmful microorganisms.

Sporting facilities are designed to bring hundreds to thousands of people together at once and are notoriously difficult to clean. That presents an opportunity for bacteria to thrive and spread to the detriment of indoor air quality and human health.

At the same time, sports equipment can provide a home for bacteria. This is especially true for equipment like balls that are passed from person to person and for safety equipment like protective pads and helmets that come in contact with skin and then are shared between people.

rep-L® can put a stop to microbial growth on the surface of sporting equipment and within sports facilities. rep-L® is a broad spectrum antimicrobial additive that has proven highly effective at killing bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) that have been known to spread through sports facilities and sporting equipment.

Adding rep-L® to your sports and leisure equipment and venues means eliminating dangerous microorganisms and protecting your customers and visitors. As a result, you can dramatically increase the quality and value of your sports and leisure offerings.

rep-L® adapts to your products and facilities.

rep-L® is one of the most adaptable antimicrobial additives available today, which makes it the perfect candidate for sports equipment and facilities. rep-L® is available as either a water-based or oil-based solution and it can be integrated into a wide variety of materials. For example, rep-L® can be incorporated into:

  • Protective gear including helmets and padding
  • Pool and surfing equipment (e.g. fins and boards)
  • Exercise bikes, treadmills, and other gym equipment
  • Seats and surfaces within sports complexes

rep-L® can be integrated into sports equipment during the production stage and doesn’t require any significant changes to your manufacturing process. In addition, rep-L® can be used in cleaning products to eliminate microorganisms from any surface during cleaning of gyms, arenas, pools, and more.

By adding rep-L® to your sports products and facilities, you can significantly reduce the spread of disease and keep players and fans healthier.

rep-L® is affordable for every company and venue.

Your business and your customers shouldn’t pay a hefty price for protecting against pathogens and improving indoor air quality. And with rep-L®, you don’t have to.

rep-L® is one of the most affordable antimicrobial solutions on the market today. Unlike other antimicrobials, rep-L® is entirely bio-based and doesn’t contain expensive additives like silver, copper, or zinc. With rep-L, you can protect users of your equipment and facilities and increase their value without breaking the bank – a return on investment that any business can get behind.

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rep-L® is a powerful, flexible, and affordable antimicrobial additive that can be integrated into a wide variety of sporting equipment and sports and leisure complexes. With rep-L®, you never have to worry about disease spreading among athletes and spectators as a result of your product or venue. Better yet, rep-L® can allow you to increase the value of your products or facilities with little upfront cost.

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