The importance of reducing pathogen contamination in public transportation:

Planes, trains, buses, ferries, and cruise ships are hardly cleaned between passenger turnover. So, it should come as little surprise that millions of people are infected by disease-causing bacteria each year during travel in shared spaces. The unfortunate reality is that the occasional deep clean isn’t nearly enough to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and mildew in transportation vessels.

However, rep-L® can dramatically cut down on the spread of infectious microorganisms among passengers by stopping microbial growth before it starts. rep-L® is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial additive that halts the growth of most bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi on contact. This additive is versatile enough to be used in almost every material found in planes, trains, buses, and more, as well as powerful enough to prevent even antibiotic-resistant bacteria from gaining a foothold in shared spaces.

rep-L® Is a versatile antimicrobial additive for transportation.

There are many challenges to keeping transportation spaces safe. High passenger turnover, recirculating air systems, and the introduction of new germs every time a vehicle stops all ensure that microbes are constantly spreading across surfaces.

rep-L® heads off the spread of microorganisms in transportation spaces by stopping germs from colonizing surfaces. rep-L® can be incorporated into seats, arm rests, airplane tray tables, and any other surface to halt their growth on contact. That way, disease-causing bacteria can’t grow on the materials that are normally so conducive to colonization.

On top of that, rep-L® can be used to keep germs out of plane, train, and bus air systems. Our antimicrobial additive can be incorporated into air filters and ducts to prevent airborne bacteria from easily spreading. It can also be added to flooring and carpeting and any other surfaces that passengers come into contact with, such as:

  • Floor mats
  • Roof systems
  • Side paneling
  • Dashboard components
  • Paint
  • Plastic component casing

No matter what transportation components you produce, whether it’s for a car, a bus, a plane, or any other type of vehicle, rep-L® can be incorporated to halt the spread of disease.

rep-L® adapts to your products and needs.

The key to rep-L®’s versatility is that it can be incorporated into any manufacturing process, without changing or compromising your existing workflow. rep-L® adapts to your needs when bringing its antimicrobial power to bear. The additive is available as either a water-based or oil-based solution to give you the most flexibility.

On top of that, rep-L® is highly affordable. It doesn’t rely on expensive metals like zinc, silver, or copper to eliminate bacteria – rather, rep-L® is completely bio-based. As a result, rep-L® costs a fraction of what traditional antimicrobial additives cost, and you can pass that savings on to customers while still offering a safer and healthier product.

Get started with rep-L® today.

rep-L® is an adaptable antimicrobial additive that can put an end to the millions of illnesses caused by the spread of bacteria through transportation systems. rep-L® can be incorporated into virtually every material used in planes, trains, buses, cars, and more, all while stopping the growth of even the most difficult microbes.

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