Everyday, microbes including bacteria, fungi, and mold breed on or in materials used to make the majority of products that make up our daily surroundings. Material science has long focused on antimicrobial solutions relating to both the healthcare and food industries, but very little protection has been provided outside of these industries – UNTIL NOW!

rep-L® is a novel bio-based broad spectrum antimicrobial designed for the elimination of microbial activity on all types of material surfaces. rep-L™ is easily added to a wide range of materials including paper, plastics, paint/coatings, polystyrene, silicones, etc.

The following are just several of the reasons why companies are now turning to rep-L® antimicrobials:

  • Bio-Based – rep-L® is almost 90% bio-based.
  • Price – rep-L® is a fraction of the cost of Silver and other prolific toxic solutions.
  • Efficacy – rep-L® is a broad-spectrum (eliminates both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including many of the most deadly bacteria known as “Superbugs” including MRSA, VRE, CRE, E. coli, etc.
  • Value – rep-L® adds significant value to both the health of the environments in which they are utilized, and secondly in the value that it adds to the product with enhanced capabilities.

rep-L® will eliminate bacteria on products and surfaces composed of plastics, paper, paint, textiles, etc.; creating safer environments for the people who use them. As populations come together in denser environments, and sharing of spaces, transportation and commercial goods becomes more commonplace, it is important for manufacturers to offer built in antimicrobial protection to their products and materials.

rep-L® can be easily added to materials during their production, adding value to existing products in the form of greater safety to users of the products and greater return for the manufacturers that have created them.

rep-L® is a bio-based, broad spectrum, innovative, inexpensive solution to microbial problems encountered throughout the world. We invite you to experience the benefits rep-L® can provide to your products and materials. We are here to enhance your products and the lives of those that use them.

Nonwoven Materials

rep-L® is especially effective in non-woven materials. From electrospun nanofibers to medical absorbents to various fibers, our products work in many manufacturing processes, especially natural fiber nonwovens.



From food packaging to wound-dressings, paper-fiber manufacturing provides an excellent opportunity to embed antimicrobial properties directly into manufactured products, since it has so many contamination-prone uses.



Especially for medical applications, the use of our antimicrobial additive into nanofiber is an exciting breakthrough with countless possibilities! rep-L® can be added during the manufacturing process, or afterward.

Fabric Textile

Fabrics / Textiles

Our additives can be applied to fabrics anywhere from the fibre processing stage, to laundry soap. Contact us to discuss the benefits and opportunities for antimicrobial textiles.

Paints Coatings


Paint and product coatings present the ideal interface for antimicrobial protection.This thin layer of colour and texture can multi-task as an important barrier to pathogens.



Our additives are extremely effective non-toxic alternatives to harsh biocides and chemical disinfectants that can negatively impact both humans and other living organisms. Contact us for more details.

Plastics and Polymers


Our polymer plastics additive blends are customized for each application to ensure the best protection for each product category. Ask us for a sample masterbatch to test in your manufacturing process.



Our additives are effective in adhesive substances and materials, effectively preventing mold and bacterial growth below and around surface materials.