rep-L® is a perfect solution for adhesives, ensuring longevity and lack of contamination from mold or mildew.

The adhesives market is expected to reach around $60 billion per year by 2020.

The following is a summary of the market breakdown:

  • 24.8% – Pressure Sensitive Applications
  • 18.0% – Packaging
  • 10.2% – Building & Construction
  • 8.7% – Woodwork & Furnishing
  • 5.9% – Automotive
  • 4.7% – Footwear

Adhesive manufacturers are looking for ways to control microbial growth in the vast range of applications in which adhesives are used including packaging and pressure sensitive sticky notes.

The following are just several of the reasons why adhesive manufacturers and processers are now turning to rep-L® antimicrobials for their products protection:

  • Bio-Based – rep-L® is almost 90% bio-based.
  • Price – rep-L® is a fraction of the cost of Silver and other prolific toxic solutions.
  • Efficacy – rep-L® is a broad-spectrum (eliminates both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including many of the most deadly bacteria known as “Superbugs” including MRSA, VRE, CRE, E. coli, etc.
  • Value – rep-L® adds significant value to both the health of the environments in which they are utilized, and secondly in the value that it adds to the product with enhanced capabilities.
  • Wet & Dry – rep-L® has excellent efficacy in both wet and dry environments. 90% of currently available antimicrobials are only when activated by moisture / humidity.

rep-L® will eliminate bacteria on adhesives creating safer environments for the people who use it.

As populations come together in denser environments, and sharing of spaces, transportation and commercial goods becomes more commonplace, it is important for manufacturers to offer built in antimicrobial protection to their adhesive products.

rep-L® can be easily added to materials during their production. The addition of rep-L® will add value to existing products in the form of greater safety to users of the products and greater return for the manufacturers that have created them.

rep-L® is a bio-based, broad spectrum, innovative, inexpensive solution to microbial problems encountered throughout the world. We invite you to experience the benefits rep-L® can provide to your products and materials. We are here to enhance your products and the lives of those that use them.

rep-L® is the clear solution for both commodity and specialized applications.