rep-L® and nanofiber are perfect match.

Add value to your products by combining your innovation and ours!

Nanofibers are a relatively new class of materials that hold great promise for a wide range of applications. The two most promising areas of use are specifically where an antimicrobial additive greatly enhances the efficacy of the product – medical applications and filtration.

rep-L® has successfully been incorporated into a wide variety of nanofiber materials during their creation, and after – at both the pre- and post-solvent evaporation phase.

Adding rep-L® to nanofiber

For many types of nanofiber production, especially with natural polymers, rep-L® can be added directly to the material before electrospinning. We’ve found equal efficacy when nanofiber products, such as with antiseptic wipes, are dipped into a rep-L® liquid after manufacturing.

rep-L® can be effectively added to nanofiber by:

  1. Dissolving oil-based rep-L® into solvents and combining them with plastics in solution prior to spinning.
  2. Immersing the nanofiber into water-based rep-L®, then drying nanofiber.
  3. Spraying the oil-based or water-based rep-L® solutions onto formed nanofiber

Both natural and synthetic nanofiber

rep-L®’s bio-based composition provides a perfect addition to natural polymer nanofibers, but can also be used with synthetic nanofiber production.

Benefits of rep-L® in nanofibers

rep-L® is a safe broad spectrum antimicrobial with market leading efficacy and safety profile.

We have developed proprietary platforms which allow rep-L® to be added into most materials.

Our broad-spectrum antibiotic and antifungal additives, with proven ability to kill the deadliest superbugs, is particularly beneficial in the category of medial and human health industries.

With bandages and gauze and other absorbent hygiene products, as well as surgical films, topical drug-delivery materials, and more, our safe bio-based antimicrobials are a perfect solution for a valuable emerging niche.

Did you know…

rep-L® can be incorporated into biodegradable nanofiber materials as it is biodegradable.

rep-L® can be incorporated into dissolvable nanofiber films and will therefore dissolve at the same rate as the films.

rep-L® can be incorporated into nanofiber that can release rep-L® over a specified rate and time.

rep-L® is the clear solution for antimicrobial nanofibers.