Surfaces near patients with C. auris commonly re-contaminated within hours of cleaning

Room surfaces near patients colonized with Candida auris were commonly re-contaminated within hours of cleaning or disinfection Date: April 20, 2022 Source: Healio Author: Caitlyn Stulpin Excerpt: "They collected samples from participants’ body sites and the surfaces around them before their rooms were cleaned and disinfected, followed by the [...]

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Omicron may hang around longer on surfaces than original virus, early findings suggest

Hand hygiene, frequent disinfection recommended by study team, while outside experts say more research needed Date: Mar 16, 2022 Source: CBC News Author: Lauren Pelley Excerpt: "Omicron, the highly contagious variant known for slipping around some of our best defences, might be surviving longer on everyday objects than its [...]

Cause of antibiotic resistance identified

Scientists have confirmed for the first time that bacteria can change form to avoid being detected by antibiotics in the human body. Date: Set 26, 2019 Source: Author: Newcastle University Excerpt: The research by the Errington lab which turns on its head current thinking about the bacteria's ability [...]

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Alarm as antimicrobial resistance surges among chickens, pigs and cattle

Drug-resistant bacteria are gaining a stronghold in developing countries where meat production has soared. Date: Sep 20, 2019 Source: Nature - International journal of science Author: (if applicable) Excerpt: "Their results also indicate that the four types of antimicrobial drug most commonly used in farm animals to help them [...]

Antimicrobial resistance is rising drastically: study

Regions associated with high rates of antimicrobial resistance in animals are northeast China, northeast India, southern Brazil, Iran and Turkey. Date: September 19, 2019 Source: Author: (if applicable) Excerpt: "The team of researchers led by Thomas Van Boeckel, SNF Assistant Professor of Health Geography and Policy at ETH Zurich, [...]

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